Carmelo Anthony Claims He Almost Quit On Coming Back To The NBA


Carmelo Anthony made his highly-anticipated return to the NBA last night as he was playing his first game with the Portland Trail Blazers. The team ended up losing but Melo was able to put up ten points and four rebounds. It may not be the most impressive stat line ever but considering everything he has been through this last year, it’s certainly a decent start. 

Melo has been fairly open about his struggles to get back into the league and in a recent report, it was revealed that Melo even toyed with the idea of leaving the league for good. For a while, it didn’t seem like any teams wanted him and he was finding it hard to stay motivated and want to eventually get back on a roster.

“There was a time when I actually thought that I was about to let go,” Anthony told The Athletic. “I had to get over that hump, mentally and emotionally. It was challenging, I will tell you that.”

For now, Melo is on a bit of a probationary period with the team and will only receive guaranteed money if the Trail Blazers keep him past January. With this in mind, it’s going to be an interesting first half of the season and we can’t wait to see what Melo can do.


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