Carmelo Anthony Confirms He’ll Be Back In The NBA This Year: Watch


Carmelo Anthony has been a curious case in the NBA over the last two seasons as he has pretty well been shunned from the entire league. Once upon a time, Melo was one of the best players in the league and was considered to be an efficient and prolific scorer. Now, teams see Melo as a representation of what the NBA was prior to this decade, which has led to many teams discarding him completely. Melo has been struggling to get a contract and fans are wondering why he can’t seem to catch a break

During a recent interview with TMZ, Anthony was asked about getting back into the league and despite all of the rejections, he appears to be optimistic about his at getting back into the league.  “We’re figuring it out,” he said. When asked about his chances, Melo said there is a “2000%” chance he’s back this year.

Melo went on to say that he would be interested in playing for the New York Knicks if they came calling his phone. The former NBA star also shot some bail for Knicks head coach David Fizdale who has been catching flack for the Knicks’ awful start to the season.

Where would you like to see Carmelo land this season?


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