Carmelo Anthony Jokingly Expresses Disgust With Pistons Fog Machine


Carmelo Anthony has been having a massive career resurgence with the Portland Trail Blazers and it seems clear that this team is better with him on the roster. While he may not be at the peak of his career anymore, he can still hang with the best of them and his scoring has helped turn the Trail Blazers into playoff contenders this season. Last night, the Blazers got to play the Detroit Pistons, and they blew them out by a 23-point margin.

Despite the win, Melo couldn’t help but comment on the Pistons’ attempts at distracting his team. Prior to the game, the Pistons used an incredibly strong fog machine, and as you can see in the photo below, Melo wasn’t having a very good time with it. “You guys love that fog machine huh?” Melo joked.

Luckily for the Blazers star, the fog machine didn’t slow him down as he came away from the game with 16 points and the dub. Regardless, on April Fool’s Day, it’s good to see Melo joking around and giving the Pistons some crap for their antics. 

At 29-18, the Blazers are starting to close in on the Lakers for fourth in the Western Conference, which is something many fans wouldn’t have expected at the start of the season. Needless to say, Melo continues to make an impact.

Carmelo Anthony

Steph Chambers/Getty Images