Carmelo Anthony Reveals What He Almost Did Before Blazers Deal


Carmelo Anthony is back in the NBA and fans couldn’t be happier. The prolific scorer was having a hard time finding his footing in the league this year as teams continuously passed on him for not being able to play defense. For a while, it truly seemed as though Melo would never get back into the NBA but luckily, the Portland Trail Blazers gave him a well-deserved chance.

In a new interview with ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Anthony spoke out on his struggles to get back into the NBA and how he almost had to take drastic measures as things just weren’t going his way.

“I was preparin’ myself,” Anthony said. “And I had prepared myself to kinda just walk away from the game — if the right situation didn’t come about.”

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

Moving on from that, Melo spoke about his new role in Portland and how he is in the perfect situation to succeed. He doesn’t need to worry about being something he isn’t and so far, his teammates have all been incredibly supportive.

“If I were just to go to a team and to a situation just to be on the team and it didn’t work out, it was gonna come back on me anyway,” he said. “Like, the blame is gonna be on me anyway. So a situation like Portland, where I could just come in and just play my game and have a group of guys that really want me, and the organization that want me. There’s no better feelin’ than when you feel wanted.”

It remains to be seen how the Melo experiment will work out in the end but so far, it’s been an exciting journey and we can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon.


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