Carmelo Anthony’s Blazers Usage Revealed Ahead Of His Season Debut


Just two weeks ago, it seemed almost like a longshot that we would see Carmelo Anthony back on an NBA court this season. Players and teams were counting him out but eventually, the Portland Trail Blazers bit the bullet and ended up signing him to a contract. For now, the contract is non-guaranteed but he will be able to get all the money owed to him in the new year if he manages to keep playing up to the team’s standards.

Some fans are apprehensive about Melo’s debut while others are excited to see what he can still do out on the court. Anthony is one of the best scorers to ever play the game and whenever he’s on the court, there is an opportunity for some magic. According to Marc Spears of ESPN, Melo will be playing quite a bit tonight which means the Blazers already like what they see.

Only time will tell whether or not this experiment works out but as of right now, things are up in the air. If Melo plays poorly, this could mean the end of his career. On the flip side, if he plays well, he might be able to extend his career by a couple of years.

Needless to say, tonight is about to be interesting.


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