Carole Baskin Is Relieved Joe Exotic Remains In Prison, Still Doesn’t Feel Safe


It was made abundantly clear that Joe Exotic expected a full pardon from Donald Trump. On the last evening of his presidency, Trump granted pardons and commuted sentences for 143 people, and the infamous Tiger King celebrity believed that his name would be on that list. A stretch limo waited outside of the prison with hair and makeup artists ready for Joe’s immediate release, however, the big cat star would be disappointed.

Exotic has come forward to say that he may be “too gay” to receive a pardon, but one person who is happy that he remains incarcerated is his foe, Carole Baskin. The controversial Tiger King star shared some thoughts about Joe Exotic’s incessant bids for release, revealing that she still fears for her life as Exotic was convicted on murder-for-hire charges.

“It’s such an absolute sense of relief because it’s not just been waiting yesterday and today, it’s been from the day he was sentenced that we have been concerned that he could receive a presidential pardon,” Baskin told Metro UK. “I think, what you think about you bring about, so I’ve tried very hard not to think about him getting a pardon and yet every five minutes someone from the media is like, ‘What do you think about him getting a pardon?'” 

Still, Baskin added she is concerned. “I feel safer from Joe but I don’t feel safe in general though,” she said. “He can still finish what he set out to do and he’s got less of a reason not to do it now he’s already in jail.” Check out her video below.