Casanova Is Finessing People On OnlyFans


In an effort to maximize his profits during the quarantine, Brooklyn rapper Casanova launched an OnlyFans account and decided to charge $50 for a monthly subscription. He justified the price by claiming he would be posting exclusive and explicit content to the page.

“This rich n***a dick. I’m not playing with this dick. You wanna see this dick? $50!” said Cas on Instagram.

Well, it turns out he might be playing with his fans after all. In an alleged exchange that took place via private message on OnlyFans, Casanova told somebody that they would need to spend more money if they wanted to see something special.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

“Can u post explicit content now,” asked the fan, who does not have a photo on their account. Clearly aware of that fact, Cas was careful in his response.

“Send me some money first,” he said.

“Paid $50 to see stuff that you would post on Instagram, replied the frustrated user.

After some more back-and-forth and requests for money, Casanova revealed the true reason why he was being so difficult.

“You don’t even got a picture you might be a man I ain’t wit that!!” he wrote as his final response.

It’s unclear what type of content Casanova is posting to his OnlyFans account but he seems adamant that only women are allowed to subscribe to his page. Check out the alleged exchange below.


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