Casanova Wants To Be The Richest Man In The World Instead Of The Smartest


Brooklyn rapper Casanova has been making waves all year, bringing a different energy to the game and contributing to a tough East Coast scene where he’s been set up to strive. Part of the new school of New York hip-hop, Casanova became notorious after his short-winded feud with Tekashi 6ix9ine, which was detailed in an exclusive clip from Snapchat’s upcoming docuseries here. Stepping into our office, we had a few questions for Cas, prompting him with some rapid-fire dilemmas and asking him to participate in the new episode of This Or That

We started Casanova off with some light work, getting him to choose between The Sopranos and The Wire. He selected the latter before explaining why he rocks with LeBron James over Michael Jordan. “I met LeBron, I ain’t never met MJ. It was cool, he was cool,” said the rapper. The remaining questions all involved some heavy thinking on Casanova’s part, especially when asked if he would rather create or delete history. He ended up settling on the creation of history, noting that “if he fucks up, he fucks up.”

Casanova also revealed that he would rather be the richest man in the world than the smartest, noting that there are plenty of intelligent people on the planet that are “fucked up” and he wants no part in that.

Watch the full episode above.


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