Cassie Challenges Husband Alex Fine To Wear 35-Pound Fake Pregnancy Belly


Baby Fine will soon be introduced to the world, and first-time parents Cassie Ventura and Alex Fine can’t wait to meet their little one. It was just a month ago when Cassie celebrated her baby shower with her close friends. “Can’t wait for little Alex Joseph Fine Jr to get here,” Alex wrote in the comments to one of Cassie’s Instagram pictures. “Wish I could’ve gotten to come!!!” said good friend and fellow expectant mom Christina Milian.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

As her due date approaches, the joys, and discomforts, of pregnancy intensify, and it looks as if Cassie and Alex have a bet going on. In a clip he shared to his Instagram Story, Alex wrote, “[Cassie] said I couldn’t be pregnant for a couple days. Challenge accepted. I’m bout to crush it.” In the background, Cassie can be heard saying that he’s probably carrying “35 pounds of weight” as Alex has fun showing off his fake pregnancy Empathy Belly.

He updated an hour later, filming himself as he opened a beer. “This isn’t allowed apparently,” he wrote about drinking while pregnant. “Being pregnant blows.” The Story then moves on to the happy couple relaxing in bed together as Alex continues to wear his fake belly, determined to prove that he can carry the weight. Check out the clips below.


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