Cavaliers Unveil Sleek New “City Edition” Jerseys & Special Court: Photos


We’re only a few weeks into the NBA season which means teams have vigorously begun showing us their City Edition jerseys for the season. Some have been better than others although there are some uniforms that have been a huge hit with the fans. Today, the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to show fans their brand new City Edition unis and so far, they might be the cleanest ones we’ve seen.

As you can see from the images below, the jersey is mostly blue with hints of gold throughout. The construction of the uniform is meant to pay homage to the team’s 50th season in the league. In addition to the jerseys, the Cavs will be pairing these with a similar-looking court. The uniform will be worn 11 times this season and the court will always be made to match.

Based on the reactions, people are feeling these so far which is good considering these are always hit or miss. If you’re a Cavaliers fan, these might just be a must-cop. Unfortunately, LeBron James isn’t on the team anymore, because he would have looked pretty dope in this jersey.

Let us know in the comments below what you think and whether or not you would ever buy this jersey.


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