Celina Powell Blasts Snoop Dogg With Alleged Sexual Encounter Details


You all know about Celina Powell, the Black Widow of the hip-hop industry. She seemingly has stories about every rapper in the game. While her legitimacy is shotty, she definitely has been with more than a few buzzing stars. She nearly broke up Offset and Cardi B’s marriage last year and, after suggesting that she had ammo on Snoop Dogg, she’s finally emptying the clip in a new vlog.

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Take this information with a grain of salt because, as you should know, Celina Powell shouldn’t always be trusted. She opened up by explaining why she was exposing Uncle Snoop, revealing that it was all because of some laughing emojis on a Lil Duval post. After giving some vague details about how the legend flew her out to his low-key apartment, Powell alleges that the two began having unprotected sexual intercourse when Snoop went to the other side of the room, prepared a line of cocaine on her breast and snorted it. Apparently, the rapper stopped every five minutes to consume more coke. 

According to the Black Widow, Snoop even invited her to be his guest at the BET Awards but, because she didn’t have an appropriate outfit, she backed out. Mhm, sounds legit… 

Once again, take this with a grain of salt. Watch her new video below.

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