Celina Powell Swears Away From Thottery In 2020… Unless Drake Is Down


The music industry’s most notorious groupie, Celina Powell, is about to halt the extracurricular activities that made her a thing in the first place. Known as rap’s Black Widow, Powell is well-known for getting into bed with rappers and then exposing them online in her lengthy vlogs. Just last week, the Colorado native called out Snoop Dogg for flying her out to his crib, allegedly doing tons of cocaine off her body, having unprotected sex, and then leaving her to find her own way home. She has a very shotty track record so anything that comes out of her mouth should be taken with a major grain of salt. The following statement is very much included in that.

Vowing to stay away from thottish behavior for the next twelve months, Celina Powell told the world that she will remain monogamous for all of next year. Of course, that may be difficult for her, considering her entire social persona has been built off exposing rappers once she gets in their pants. Things will change for Powell though if one man decides he finally wants to give in to her advances. “My body count will be 1 all 2020, for a fact,” wrote the entertainer. “Unless @champagnepapi wanna ya knowww.”

Celina Powell is moving up to the big leagues. Her new target is generally very good at keeping secrets so, unless she actually comes through the 6ix, we’ll likely never know if they hooked up or not. You think she has a chance?

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