Chad Johnson Confirms Kicker Tryout With XFL’s Houston Roughnecks


Former NFL star Chad Johnson is hoping to add a new chapter to his football career, this time as a kicker in the XFL. The man known as Ochocinco took to twitter on Tuesday morning to reveal that he has officially lined up a tryout with the Houston Roughnecks on Monday, January 20.

Writes Johnson, “The opportunity to kick in the XFL has presented itself, i must tryout Monday in Houston, I’m excited as hell & I’m sure all will go well.” The 42-year old even has dreams of turning this potential XFL gig into an opportunity with an NFL team.

“Pretty far fetched but imagine me being consistent during an XFL season & getting a chance at a 53 man roster in the NFL, even i don’t make it just being able to compete for a spot at a entirely different position will be so riveting.”

We all know that Ochocinco made a name for himself as one of the league’s top wide receivers in the 2000s, but he also displayed his kicking ability during a 2009 pre-season game, during which he connected on an extra point and kicked off for the Bengals. Of course, if Johnson does make the Roughnecks roster he won’t be kicking any extra points because they simply don’t exist in the XFL (click here for more on the XFL’s unique rule book). 

As seen in the IG post embedded below, Johnson has the leg power to put one through the uprights from distance as well. 


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