Chance The Rapper Dubs Shia LaBeouf “One Of The Best Freestylers Of All Time”


The world as a whole may not be waiting for Shia LaBeouf to flex his rap skills, but Chance The Rapper clearly supports the actor’s lyrical abilities. It was two years ago when the Chicago artist tweeted, “I would purchase a Shia LaBeouf album. And I can merch it would be a classic.” He recently doubled down on his past remarks during his appearance on the series Hot Ones. Shia has, on numerous occasions, shown that he can freestyle when need be, and there are some who think he’s a force to be reckoned with.

“Shia LaBeouf is one of the best freestylers of all time,” Chance said on Hot Ones. Host Sean Evans added, “Sway said he’s the best freestyler in Hollywood.” Chance agreed. “Yeah. Definitely. Definitely in acting, but I mean, like, period. He’s fire. He can put ’em together.”

Aside from Chance singing Shia’s praises for his skills on the mic, Chance also speaks on the “movement” that his dear friend and fellow Chi-Town native Kanye West has launched with Sunday Services. Additionally, Chance shares tidbits of Chicago’s best eateries that not many tourists know about. All the while, the rapper does all he can to alleviate the rising temperatures brought on by hot sauces that not many people brave to try. Watch Chance scream in pain and complain of about his throat—and everything else—burning, below.


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