Chance The Rapper’s On Double Daddy Duties This Thanksgiving


While many people are tending to family members in the kitchen when it comes to arranging and preparing all the trimmings for Thanksgiving, Chance The Rapper is the man who’s chillin’ with his kids in the corner, keeping them occupied until it’s time to eat. The “Hot Shower” rapper posted a clip to his Instagram feed that sees him and his daughters, Kensli and Marli hanging out. 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

He captioned the post with: “#doubleduty again. Happy Thanksgiving from us to yall.” Chance and his wife Kirsten Corley only welcomed their second child two months ago and he’s showcased a few sweet moments of little Marli on Instagram. 

“I think most people go into denial — if you’re a dude. I’m not shy in saying it, I didn’t expect to become a father when I was 22 and it had a huge impact on what I was doing — I was touring a lot and I was trying to figure out where I was gonna go in the world,” Chance previously stated of fatherhood

“I had never experienced joy like that before… Delving into family life is so f–kin’ dope and so separate from any joy that you can receive being creative.”


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