Chargers’ Keenan Allen Subtly Roasts His Team’s Lackluster Start


After finishing 12-4 last season, Chargers fans were hopeful that their team could have a repeat season and end up back in the playoffs with a high seed. Philip Rivers has been fairly consistent throughout his career and with the correct weapons around him, there were certainly quite a few pundits who felt like the Chargers could do some real damage this season. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case as the team is now 2-4 and always seems to be battling a deficit early in the game.

The team is rarely able to come back and some of the players are starting to get tired of what’s been happening. During a recent Twitter exchange, Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen replied to a fan who said the Chargers were repeating their fate every single game. In just two words, Allen let his feelings be known.

While Allen didn’t really expound upon this statement, the two words tell you all you need to know about how he feels right now. The team is in a massive hole and it will take quite a bit of digging for them to make the playoffs at this point. In just six games, they have matched their 16-game loss total from last year, which was definitely unexpected.

Perhaps the Chargers will be able to find their way as the season rolls on.


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