Chargers Owner Addresses Rumors That The Team Is Moving To London


For years, the Chargers were always San Diego’s team as they built up quite the fanbase in the city. Over the years though, it seemed like the team just wasn’t viable there anymore and they ended up moving to Los Angeles where they have almost zero real fans. If you’re in Los Angeles, you’re already a Rams fan so there is no reason to really cheer for the Chargers. These factors have caused a whole bunch of rumors to float around, including one from The Athletic that states the team could be moving to London, England next year.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos was asked about the report and he gave a pretty quick and swift response to it all. “It’s total f**king bulls**t, OK?” Spanos said. “We’re not going to London. We’re not going anywhere. We’re playing in Los Angeles. This is our home. This is where I’m planning to be for a long f**king time. Period.”

If the Chargers were to move anywhere, it would most likely be back to San Diego as the fans are clamoring for their team back. For now, things aren’t working out too well in Los Angeles but you never know, there is time to turn things around.

As for London, the NFL has been throwing around this idea for a while but it might take a while before it ever comes to fruition.



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