Charlamagne Thinks Rihanna Would Win In A ‘Verzuz’ With Beyoncé


Charlamagne tha God’s entire media personality almost relies on his knack for controversial opinions. Never needing validation from the masses to vocalize exactly what he thinks, his “call it how I see it” attitude has often landed him in hot water. Most recently, he and actor LaKeith Stanfield engaged in a public beef after Charlamagne made some shady comments about him. Taking a less raunchy stance this time, when asked about who he thinks would be the winner in a Verzuz battle between Rihanna and Beyoncé, the acclaimed radio personality crowned Rihanna the hypothetical victor.    

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“I don’t know if you’re ready to have this discussion bro, you’re the type of person who’s not ready for these discussions,” prefaced television personality Andrew Schulz.

“Beyoncé vs. Rihanna,” asks Schulz, to which Charlamagne confidently declares, “Rihanna.” This declaration earned approval from Schulz, while another guest on the show vehemently disagreed. 

“And I love Beyoncé,” assures Charlamagne. “It’ll be a great one though, that’s a dream Verzuz, that’s PayPerView. If Rihanna and Beyoncé did a Verzuz on PayPerView, I would pay fight prices. 

“Wait, for it though, wait for it, if they’re allowed to perform, Beyoncé blows her out the water,” said Schulz, to which Charlamagne agreed. “If it’s just songs, Rihanna,” he declares comparatively, further defending his stance by adding she just has better songs.  

The lone naysayer held that Beyoncé has the better catalog, but that was not enough to convince Schulz or Chalamagne that Bey would come out on top should they hit the Verzuz stage. 

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This conversation echoes dialogue on social media that has been going on about the hypothetical battle, with opinions almost evenly split. What’s your take? Rihanna or Bey? Let us know down in the comments.