Charles Barkley Takes Aim At The Women Of San Antonio, Again: Watch


UNC vs Duke, Yankees vs Red Sox, Lakers vs Celtics, and Charles Barkley vs the women of San Antonio. Some rivalries are just destined to go on forever.

During Thursday night’s edition of Inside The NBA, Barkley once again took some jabs at the ‘big women’ of San Antonio, which included Shaq’s favorite churro-eating bit.

Barkley’s feud with the ladies of San Antonio, and the city as a whole, dates back years ago when he claimed the women “can’t wear no Victoria’s Secret” because they eat too many churros. He also dubbed the city’s famed River Walk nothing more than a “dirty creek.”

Back in April, during a game between the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets – which had nothing to do with San Antonio – Chuck once again reignited the feud. As a pair of acrobats performed in front of the crowd at Toyota Center, he quipped, “I bet you couldn’t do that to them big ass women in San Antonio. You can do that to them little, skinny Houston women. You can’t do that to them big ole women in San Antonio.”

The Spurs’ first TNT game of the season is scheduled for Tuesday, March 10, as they host the Dallas Mavericks. We expect the Round Mound of Rebound to have plenty of jokes lined up for that one.


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