Charlie Puth Credits Future For Completely Shifting How Music Sounds Today


Hot take or undeniable truth? Singer Charlie Puth decided to give rapper Future his flowers for the impact he’s had on music nowadays in a tweet he posted on Thursday morning. Charlie shared his opinion about music’s current sound and who we have to thank for it by tweeting: “Music wouldn’t sound like it sounds right now without Future.”

It’s a very matter-of-fact claim, and you can practically hear the “Change my mind” in Charlie’s tone. While many of Charlie’s own stans flooded the replies claiming they think music wouldn’t sound the way it does without Charlie himself, other less hip-hop-educated folks were confused as to who or what the term “Future” even referred to. Regardless, many of us are well aware of the rapper and his musical impact; his album, The WIZRDwas even voted the second hottest hip hop album of 2019 over here at HNHH, and his songs “Jumpin On A Jet” and Servin Killa Kam” earned the number 14 and 38 spots on our Top 50 Hottest Songs Of 2019 list, respectively. Charlie clearly understands the power of Future, but the tweet does seem to come out of nowhere. Could this be a hint at a future collab? Or, we should say, a future Future collab?

Do you agree with Charlie?


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