Cheetos Has An Official Name For Cheesy Residual Dust Left On Fingers


Cheetos has been around since the late 40s and since then, it’s been infamous for leaving orange dust on your fingers. It’s essentially inevitable if anyone sticks their hand into a bag of their chips. The residual matter is referred to as Cheeto Dust because, well, that’s exactly what is it. However, the company has formally come out to announce the actual name of Cheeto Dust.

No longer should anyone refer to Cheeto Dust as Cheeto Dust. From here on out, Cheetos has declared their cheesy powder as Cheetle. Taking to social media, their animated mascot confirmed the news while confirmed that this has been the official name of it. In fact, they revealed that Cheetle has been around for the past 10 years, even though this is clearly news to the rest of the world.

Perhaps everyone has just been willfully ignorant of the term. Cheetos has reminded people that it’s called “Cheetle” on a few occasions. Tweets stemming back to 2015 referred to the dust as Cheetle while recent tweets from the last few weeks have reminded the masses that Cheetle is the correct term.

Of course, people on social media were confused about this while others questioned whether this will stick in the long-run or if people will continue to call it “Cheeto Dust.” That’s a choice you’re going to have to make. 


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