Chicago Ignores Social Distancing With Another House Party Featuring A Stripper


Over the weekend, we reported on how residents in the city of Chicago decided to ignore the advice of health professionals and engage in a house party, where there were over 1,000 attendees– which could essentially make it a breeding ground to spread Coronavirus. The party antics quickly went viral as clips inside the jam-packed house were shared on social media.

Now, Chicago is back in the news for similar antics. Another house party went down in the windy city, it was equally jam-packed with people who were not wearing masks and gloves, and not only that, there was a stripper performing with her ass all the way out. TMZ obtained video clips from within the house party, which show a stripper doing her thing on the floor, her bottom half completely naked and money surrounding her, while the room itself is tightly packed, with people shoulder-to-shoulder.

The police issued a fine to the house owner of the first party, on top of a disorderly conduct charge, but it’s unknown yet if city officials will be doing the same thing for this most recent case.

Illinois has a total of 45,883 Coronavirus cases to date.



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