Chief Keef Has Been Hospitalized


It would appear that Chief Keef is currently in the hospital, as the rapper himself confirmed through his Instagram story. Though it’s unclear as to what led to his hospitalization, the brief story reveals that Keef is bed-ridden with an IV in his arm. His fans have since offered their thoughts and prayers, with many concerned that the rapper’s history with drugs may be the catalyst for the medical scare.

 Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

At this moment, little information has been made available as to the circumstances surrounding Chief Keef’s ongoing situation. Given that the rapper is clearly able to post and upload to Instagram, it would appear that he is lucid. Anything else is, at this time, simply speculative until Sosa’s team issues a more conclusive statement — should they do so. 

In the meantime, we at HNHH would like to offer our own thoughts and prayers to Chief Keef on his road to recovery. We can only hope that the situation does not prove overtly serious and that Keef will be back on his feet before long. Keep an eye out for further developments on the hospitalization of Chief Keef, and be sure to send your positive vibes to the beloved and innovative rapper in the comments below.