Chief Keef Wants Lizzo & Nicki Minaj To Collab, Lil Nas X Requests A Feature


Chief Keef has previously expressed his love for Lizzo’s music. It might not be the most suspecting artist you’d expect to see on Chief Keef’s playlist but, like a lot of people, he’s a big fan. Although it’s unclear if Chief Keef ever actually wants to get in the studio with her in the future, he’s putting on his A&R skills on display with his request for a Lizzo and Nicki Minaj collaboration. “Somebody tell Nicki to do a song w Lizzo,” he tweeted. It’s unsure if Nicki or Lizzo saw the tweet but someone else looked at it as a perfect opportunity to try and get a verse from Chief Keef.

It appears as though Lil Nas X is longing for collaboration with Chief Keef. The “Rodeo” rapper humbly reached out to Chief Keef on Twitter where he asked if they can work on a song together. “wassup chief keef it’s me lil nas x from old town road. wanna make a song ?” Lil Nas X tweeted.

Chief Keef has yet to reply to the tweet, nor has Lil Nas X followed up publicly but it would be interesting to hear to the two on the same song. It’s unclear what it would sound like but something tells me that Chief Keef crooning over a banjo would do numbers. 


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