Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Wants To Try Out For Olympics After Super Bowl LIV


Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, players in the NFL and even a vaunted defense like the San Francisco 49ers will have their hands full trying to contain him in Super Bowl LIV this Sunday.

Hill aka “Cheetah” is such a gifted runner that he is even considering trying out for the 2020 Olympic team once the Super Bowl is over. Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Hill explained, “Hopefully after this season, if I’m healthy and my mind is still in the right place, I really want to try to qualify for some Olympic teams.” Asked if he was serious and had looked up what it would take to qualify, Hill added, “Yeah. Yeah, I have. I have.”

If Hill does want to have a realistic shot at competing in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo later this year, he admits that he’ll have to undergo some drastic dietary changes in order to get down to the weight he was when he was dominating the high school track & field circuit.

“But the thing is, I weigh like 195 right now. Back in high school, when I ran a 9.9[-second 100-meter dash], I was like 175. So it would be me changing my whole diet that I’ve been doing to get to where I am now,” Hill said.

In addition to his dreams of competing in the Olympics, Hill also spent some time talking about his opponents on Sunday – and he had nothing but praise for Niners cornerback Richard Sherman. Check out his thoughts about the Pro Bowl corner in the video embedded below.


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