CHIKA Puts Her Feelings On Wax With “FWB”


CHIKA’s latest release, “FWB,” is a subtle departure from her usual upbeat, funky vibe, but a great one. 2020 has been major for CHIKA. ever since the release of her label debuted solo album, Industry Games, back in February, the rapper/singer has proved to be unstoppable. Even Snoop Dogg gave his stamp of approval. Now, she’s wrapping up an already successful year with one last bop. “For all my emotionally unavailable homies,” she wrote via Instagram upon the song’s official release.

The Alabama rapper shows off her phenomenal vocals and rap skills in this heartfelt tune, opening up about her hopes to have a romantic relationship with someone who — guessing by the title — she is likely already friends with. The lyrics suggest she and her love interest have a secret, intimate relationship behind closed doors, while maintaining their friendship — a totally relatable theme. 

“FWB” comes just weeks after being nominated for Best New Artist by the 2021 Grammy Awards, about which she tweeted: “I’m Grammy-nominated. What the f*ck.”

Quotable Lyrics:
This ain’t nothin’ special, I came for that act right
Got my spend the night bag, you know I always pack light
Ain’t no strings attached, my nigga, f*ck it, I’ll be that type
Pull up inconspicuous make love like it’s our last night, yeah
Ain’t no shame ’cause you got needs and so do I
I’m ironically on time, you platonically inside
And we’ll forget this ever happened, unimportant by design
‘Til you want another taste, give me the look, I know that sign