Chip Pays Homage To The Late Black The Ripper On “0420”


The UK grime scene took a massive loss at the beginning of the year when Black The Ripper died. A rapper, entrepreneur, and cannabis activist, he played a major role in the development of UK’s grime scene over the years. Following his death, loads of MCs paid their condolences from Skepta, Ghetts, AJ Tracey, and more.

On April 20th, Chip released a song to commemorate his late friend with “0420.” The song’s title is not the only reference to Black’s work as a cannabis advocate but also the date that he passed (April 4th, 2020). Chip samples Black The Ripper’s “Missing You” and Chip spills his heart out, even revealing that he found out about Black’s death after finding out that he lost his uncle.

It’s a touching record. All proceeds from the song will go towards Black’s family.

Quotable Lyrics
N***as miss Chip with all this real n***a shit
When everyone’s got different definitions of what real is
Don’t keep no jewels in your house, I’m just droppin’ gems
I’m paranoid but grew up in the ends where n***as rob their friends


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