Chip Tha Ripper & Domo Genesis Come Together For “Buffalo Bill$”


While this week has seen a lot of Halloween-themed songs surfacing, it’s nice to get a break from them with some straight raps. On “Buffalo Bill$”, Chip Tha Ripper and Domo Genesis perform the impressive feat of crafting a song that strikes a balance between being political and lighthearted. Cleveland rapper, Chip Tha Ripper – formerly known as King Chip – structures his first verse around the repetition of the line, “No matter which president we got.” It’s a way of emphasizing that even when the whole White House situation is incredibly grim, people gotta keep kicking it and people gotta keep mobilizing.

Former Odd Future affiliate, Domo Genesis, takes on the same bouncy flow that Chip floats with. Chip sets off a seamless back-and-forth with Domo by sliding into the hilarious bar, “I ain’t never met a single person been to North Dakota.” 

Outside the realm of music, you can catch Chip Tha Ripper starring alongside Kid Cudi in the comedy, Jexi, which is now in theaters. 

Quotable Lyrics

No matter which president we got, every ghetto look the same
No matter which president we got,  n****s selling bricks and ‘caine
No matter which president we got,  n**** better get up and get some bread
No matter which president we got, put some info in yo’ head


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