Chloe Bailey Continues To Stun In Skintight Red Catsuit


There is no denying the combined, astounding talents of the Bailey sisters, known together as Chloe X Halle. The duo, who are signed to Beyonce (and thus inherently have a certain high standard to upload), have released three albums since 2017, each one growing in maturity not only in their production and vocals, but the content therein– including the imagery that accompanied each album. This leads us to their most recent release, The Ungoldy Hour. On the album cover, the sisters face each other with their backs turned to the audience, each sister donning a pair of metallic silver wings and sleek, tight black patent leather dress, and despite the seemingly angelic nature of it all, there remains a certain darker aspect in their attire and background. 

Following the release of The Ungodly Hour, which was met with high praise, the two sisters took a cue from their album’s nature and delivered a pretty sensual performance during Verizon’s private virtual show “Verizon Up.” It was seemingly this performance that led fans of the sisters to ask them to go solo, especially Chloe, pointing out Chloe’s sex appeal. 

chloe bailey solo instagram page

Chloe Bailey and sister Halle Bailey (R) – Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Shortly after the viral performance, both sisters unveiled their individual Instagram pages, giving more fuel to the “going solo” artistic rumors. While that remains to be seen, Chloe Bailey has definitely been heating up her solo IG page, with a series of new photos and even a “Buss It” challenge take.

Her latest share on her Instagram account continues to turn heads/draw comments, with sister Halle Bailey jumping in the mix to applaud Chloe’s derriere: “dat ass!!” she exclaimed, with a surprise emoji beside it — the same reaction that many of Chloe’s fans had undoubtedly.

In the photo, Chloe twists towards the camera in a bright red head-to-toe bodysuit with a cut-out in the back. In the photos that follow, Chloe shows off her long legs while posing with the cacti imagery on the wall behind her.

Check out the image below. Let us know if you’re ready for Chloe’s solo debut.