Chloe Bailey Wishes Happy Birthday To Little Sister Halle, Reminds Folks They’re Not Twins


Chloe and Halle Bailey have quickly become everyone’s favorite sibling duo. Known by their stage name and recognized for their powerhouse musical abilities as Chloe x Halle, both halves of the group have gone on to cement their individual celebrity. Chloe Bailey has become social media’s sweetheart, blessing the audience periodically with stunning snaps and beautiful covers. Halle Bailey, who turned 21 years old yesterday (March 27), has been busy filming The Little Mermaid in London. Big sister Chloe took some time on her sister’s big day to send her warm wishes.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“My Halle,” Chloe began affectionately. She continued, “thank you for always putting up with my silly ways, always being a listening ear, and always having my back. i will always protect you. happy birthday you beautiful being.”

She paired the sweet message with snaps of the pair when they were just toddlers, including one where Chloe is feeding her younger sister a bottle. In the pictures depicting the sisters much younger, their age difference is much more visible, shocking many who still thought they were twins. 

“y’all ain’t twins???” wrote one person underneath the birthday dedication. The mass belief that the two were twins was enough to provoke 22-year-old Chloe to respond directly in a separate tweet.  

Laughing along with people, she jokingly wrote, “i’m laughing at how y’all are so shocked that we’re not twins,” with tons of laughing emojis. She added, “this happens every year lol.” 

Chloe will be turning 23 this summer, while younger sister Halle just become of drinking age over the weekend. Happy Birthday to Halle!