Chris Brown & Afro B Add Sauce TO GASHI & DJ Snake’s “Safety 2020”


Last summer, GASHI and DJ Snake joined forces to set the clubs ablaze on “Safety,” an island-inspired club banger. While it certainly served its purpose, it’s clear that the duo thought it could go even further. Enter “Safety 2020,” an official remix featuring the talents of New York’s Afro B and the ever-prolific Chris Brown, who seems to be attracted to remixes like moths to flames. In essence, this updated variant remains largely unchanged from the original, which deftly toed the line between sensual and seductive. 

True, it can be a little tiresome to see mild updates to songs, usually arriving by way of an additional verse or two. Yet Chris Brown’s presence should not be undervalued, and even if he only contributes eight sung bars he’ll drive the streams up considerably. Can you really blame them for bringing him on board? As of this write-up, the single has been released in select international markets with a full release arriving at midnight. Chime in with your thoughts below. 


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