Chris Brown Channels “In Rainbows” With Colorful New Hair


When the cash flow has reached Scrooge McDuck levels, the hair dye simply hits different. Ask Chris Brown, that wily chameleon, who has basically chosen to change his hair color with the passage of the lunar cycle. Like a human mood ring, Breezy’s hair has become a reflection of his current temperament. Scholars have spent tireless years and frivolously spent grant money attempting to correlate the two — albeit vainly. And yet here we are, observing his most dynamic hairstyle yet: “In Rainbows.” 

 Sergi Alexander/Getty Images

Stylized by the man himself as a crossover event of the Holiday Season, “WILLY WONKA X JURASSIC PARK,” Breezy showed off the colorful new hairstyle on his Instagram page. In a brilliant masterstroke, there’s a duality present that allows him to express two distinctive moods with the simple angling of his head. Willy Wonka for the jubilant occasions, Jurassic Park for the somber. Willy for the courtship, Park for the breakup. Willy for the 808s, Park for the heartbreak. 

This isn’t the first time Breezy has gone Picasso baby on the headpiece and it won’t be the last. After all, the New Moon is upon us.  


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