Chris Brown Debuts Fantastic “Joker” Artwork On His Tour Bus


Chris Brown probably has the flashiest tour bus out of all of your favorite artists. The man is so highly-talented that he can basically accomplish anything his mind creatively sets itself to. He’s a phenomenal dancer, singer, rapper, visual artist, and more. A few weeks ago, the Virginia native shared photos of his bus, which he customized with a painting of his girlfriend Ammika Harris. Now, it appears as though he’s added another piece to the back of the vehicle, paying homage to the movie of the moment: Joker

Everybody is talking about the new Joker movie and Joaquin Pheonix’s outstanding performance in the lead role. People are expecting him to win big come award season and Chris Brown, who is a huge super-hero fan, is also seemingly a lover of the flick. Inviting artist James Haunt onto his INDIGOAT tour, Breezy commissioned the painter to spray on Harris’ portrait the other day and now, he’s got the man repping the Joker on the back.

Captioning his post with an ominous “KNOCK KNOCK,” CB stood at the back of the bus to extend a co-sign to the most popular film in the country right now. The piece is incredibly well-done, falling in line with the aesthetic that Brown often chases. We can’t wait to see what else he decides to add to the bus.


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