Chris Brown Details Evolution Of His Look From His Teen Years To Now


We have gotten the unique opportunity to watch Chris Brown grow up before our very eyes. When the Virginia native first broke onto the scene, he was only 13-years-old, singing for L.A. Reid in his personal office. Seventeen years later, he’s still at the top of his game, putting on arena tours and releasing some of the most stacked albums of the last two years. The multi-talented artist loves to reflect on his career on social media, sharing his streaming numbers, his accomplishments, charting information, and more. This week, he’s been uploading many photos of his visual pieces of art but, last night, he flipped the script and went for a depiction of all his looks throughout the years.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We’ve seen Chris Brown wear some pretty funky hairstyles over the course of his career. From rainbow dye-jobs to braids, Breezy loves to experiment and constantly reinvent himself through his appearance. Starting off as a baby-faced teenager, CB has grown into his 30-year-old frame, embracing all the changes he’s gone through in his lifetime. Physically changing before a public audience, we’ve all been aware of how much Chris has altered his look but when he places all of them next to one another, it just makes us nostalgic for all the solid musical offerings we got during those times. Who else remembers when “Run It” was first released??

What has been your favorite Chris Brown era thus far?


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