Chris Brown Flaunts Blue Cheetah Print Hair For Christmas


Virginia native Chris Brown never shies away from reinventing himself, mostly in the form of his physical appearance. Over the years, we’ve seen the superstar singer rock his regular haircut while also spicing it up often, dyeing his locks crazy colors and surprising his fans anew on social media. This year, his dome has resembled a snowcone with all colors of the rainbow being applied to the man’s scalp. From purple to yellow, CB has done it all. One thing that he hasn’t experienced though: cheetah print hair.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Brown can officially knock off cheetah-print hair from his bucket list, showing off his new look online. Wishing his fans a Merry Christmas, the recording artist took after the title of his last album, using a shade of indigo on his head and asking his stylist to get some animal print in there. In the back, the shading turns purple, offering different vibes the whole way through. His hairdresser did an amazing job. We’re looking forward to seeing what he pulls off next.

It’s been a busy holiday season for Chris Brown, who just welcomed a newborn baby boy into the world. He’s also been posting videos of his daughter Royalty, who got some pretty dope gifts this year. Check that out here.


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