Chris Brown Imagines Being Homies With Michael Jackson With Photoshopped Pic


Thanks to 50 Cent, the debate whether Chris Brown and Michael Jackson are in the same tier as performers is one that has entered our collective pop culture consciousness. While MJ is often regarded as incomparable, 50 Cent ruffled some feathers – as he perpetually does – by claiming that Chris Brown is a better performer than the late King of Pop. Even though Fif has just vowed to stop starting up with people in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s passingHNHH readers can remember a time when he kept reiterating his “CB > MJ” stance despite significant backlash.  

While Breezy refrained from asserting his superiority over Michael Jackson, he always seems flattered when comparisons are made between him and his idol. The “No Guidance” artist has communicated many times in the past that he views himself as a descendant of the school of MJ, emulating his dance moves and bringing tremendous energy to his live performances

Now, Brown has shared more proof that he believes there is a connection between him and the departed hitmaker. He posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram that shows himself photoshopped alongside Michael. Michael once complimented Chris, calling him “a bright and shining star”, so it’s not too arrogant for Chris to believe that they could have been homies if Michael were still around. 


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