Chris Brown Offers Sneak Peek At His Lambo Collection In Photo Of New Artwork


Inside the garage of his home, Chris Brown has a flurry of rare sneakers stashed away lining the walls, resembling every sneakerhead’s dream room. As if that wasn’t a big enough flex, he keeps three Lamborghinis ready to go, with each one out-dripping the next. We’ve seen him whipping around Los Angeles in his hallucinogenic vehicle, causing innocent bystanders to trip when he drives by. But, in a new picture shared on Chris’ social media channels, the rides are seen from a different angle, getting us jealous all over again.

A couple of months ago, Chris Brown posted an account of his extensive sneaker and car collection, posing for a shot in his garage. On the exterior of the storage space, Brown has been working away on a project, spray painting some pieces of art on his house and showing off the progress. The newest additions to the wall include more super-hero inspiration, which is a theme that Brown always follows in his visual representation. His artwork is meant to be the center of attention but some fans are noticing only the cars placed in his garage. Three Lamborghini models are seen stashed away — one with an anime stencil on the hood, another with a metallic gold wrap, and the third being his wild hallucinatory ride. In case you didn’t remember, Chris Brown loves to spoil himself with flashy gifts and these three cars confirm that.

What do you think of his new artwork (and his whips)?


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