Chris Brown Shows Off Massive New Leg Tattoos


Chris Brown is officially running out of room on his body to get new tattoos, filling up the lower portion of both of his legs with some meaningful ink that will always remind him of his two babies: Royalty and Aeko.

Recently appearing in the music video for “Already Best Friends” with Jack Harlow, Chris Brown has been laying low as of late, plotting out his next moves as he plans the release of his next studio album. With his diehard fans catching hints everywhere about what’s to come, including more collaborations with Clever, which the artist told us during a recent interview on Instagram Live, Breezy is getting busy by getting a couple of massive new tattoos on his shins, getting the names of his children inked on his legs.

“MY WORLD ON MY LEGS,” wrote CB on Instagram, posting a picture of the Ganga-designed pieces. The artist has previously tattooed the likes of Post Malone, Tyga, Jason Derulo, Travis Barker, Lil Pump, and others. On his left leg, outside shading spells out the name of his firstborn child Royalty. On the right leg, he’s got Aeko’s name shaded in. 

Chris has proven to be a loving father of his two kids, always posting them on social media and promising to be the best dad that he can be for them. He missed a few months of his son’s life as Aeko and his mother were stuck in Germany during the earlier months of the pandemic but it looks like Chris can see his babies whenever he wants now.

What do you think of his new tattoos?