Chris Brown Yard Sale Crowd Attracts Cops To Shut It Down


Weeks ago, Chris Brown teased that he would be holding a massive yard sale to dispose of excess designer goods lying around his home. Yesterday, he shared his home address and detailed that the sale would be taking place on Wednesday (Nov. 6) from 10AM-7PM. As one could expect, crowds started gathering outside his home not long after he shared the post. 

TMZ recorded the situation outside Breezy’s home on Tuesday and a line of people, many of whom wrapped in blankets, is seen forming down the block. While only about three dozen people were estimated to have been there yesterday, LAPD tried to shut down the singer’s upscale thrift store. The cops were reportedly concerned about “the impact [of the garage sale] on the community” and “the safety of the people who are there.” They also tried to shut down Brown’s yard sale on the grounds that he did not have a permit.

Brown’s lawyer got involved and pointed out that permits are not even required for this sort of activity in the city of L.A. However, the police continued to harass Brown’s team over the growing crowds and cruisers patrolled the area. Customers are supposedly being allowed onto the property in groups of ten, where racks and tables of clothing are set up under tents. 


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