Chris Brown’s $230,000 Porsche Crashed Into Outside Hollywood Club


On Thursday night, Chris Brown was reportedly hanging out at The Nice Guy club in West Hollywood when his nearly-quarter-million dollar Porsche 911 was crashed into outside. The car was allegedly in a line of a bunch of other valet vehicles when someone slammed into the back of the line, causing a kind of domino effect for all of the stationary vehicles. Chris Breezy’s car was hit from both the front and the back, causing significant damage to both ends. The crash was so intense that the airbags were deployed in some of the vehicles, but thankfully no one was inside them. 

Chris wasn’t super worried about the car, though, allegedly telling people on the scene that, “I got 10 of these.” He was much more concerned about people being injured in the collision, which, thankfully, no one was. Chris’ car wasn’t so damaged that he couldn’t leave in it, however, and he ended up driving the car home anyway. This is certainly in stark contrast to a similar incident that Chris encountered in 2018, where he threatened to punch the valet over a service charge.

According to the LAPD, this was a pretty standard traffic accident involving one person slamming into multiple cars, and that no injuries have been reported so far and no arrests have been made. Currently, the crash is still under investigation. Check out the photos of the accident below.