Chris Brown’s Daughter Is Looking More Like Him The Older She Gets


Royalty Brown was born five years ago and her father Chris Brown hasn’t been shy about giving updates of his growing baby. Royalty has been privileged when it comes to hanging with her dad as he hits the road for his North American tours, choreography backstage and she’s even been welcomed on stage during her performance for his adoring fans

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

The youngin recently hit up a movie premiere with her mother and baby sibling for the film L.O.L. Surprise! Special that’s based on the doll franchise Royalty is huge fan of. The cutie posed with her family on the red carpet before breaking off and having solo photos snapped of herself. The images below showcase just how much Royalty is growing and looking like her father everyday.

“I think with me, the main thing is probably patience,” Chris once said when discussing what fatherhood has taught him. “With me, I always want stuff done right now—’Let’s get it done, let’s get it done!’ but, you know, being able to be a father and, you know, seeing my daughter, you know, from those gradual stages, from crawling to walking to saying words now, you know, learning different things every day is kinda just teaching me patience.”


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