Chrissy Teigen Jokes About Boosie Badazz’s Kappa Controversy On Photo Of Son


Boosie Badazz found himself under fire recently when he posted a photo sporting a piece of Kappa Alpha Psi attire despite never having been a member of the fraternity. Many Kappas were outraged at the rapper for repping their colours without earning the privilege, which lead Boosie to speak out on the matter. Sharing that he found the red sweater at the mall, he said, “Yes I knew it was a Kappa sweater. I thought I would get love from wearing it not hate. Calm yall ass down bra I was just getting fresh.” 

However, shortly after, Boosie decided to take the high road, announcing a contest for Kappas to compete for a $6,000 prize and a chance to perform at Boosie Bash. “They had a lotta older Kappas who was upset ’cause I wore the shirt, so Imma boss up and give back,” he announced. To win, Kappas had to do their signature stroll to his track “Wipe Me Down” and submit their clips in his DMs and the top four videos will perform at Boosie Bash, and the best group will also pocket the cash.

The whole ordeal appeared to have a certain Internet personality cracking jokes. Chrissy Teigen posted a photo of her and John Legend’s son, Miles, on her Instagram on Thursday, celebrating the milestone of turning 20 months, along with some fun facts about the toddler.

In the comments, one user wrote, “He’s got swag. Can I teach him the Kappa shimmey??? 🤔” to which Chrissy replied, “too late boosie’s coming over tomorrow.”  Who would’ve expected Chrissy Teigen of all people to participate in the Boosie Kappa discourse? Unless, of course, Boosie is actually coming over tomorrow. That would be priceless.


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