Christian Combs Buys Dad, Diddy, Extravagant 50th Birthday Gift


Diddy turned 50 on Monday (Nov. 4) and many took the opportunity to show their appreciation for the legend. On social media, friends and fans expressed their respect for his legacy and expectation that it will only deepen in years to come. The mogul also gave himself a pat on the back for all he has accomplished in his half-century on this earth by sharing a video recap of sentimental moments and major milestones. His birthday celebrations this year resulted in more memories that will surely stick with him down the line. 

While Puff is incredibly wealthy – as we all know from his countless business ventures and Forbes’ annual reports – his family members still wished to show their gratitude for the patriarch by giving him extravagant birthday gifts. His mother surprised him with a new Cadillac Escalade to add to his car collection. A video was shared of him jumping with joy when the surprise was revealed to him via projector screen. 

Diddy’s son, Christian Combs (aka King Combs), also went big on his gift. At a birthday dinner, Christian unveiled to his dad a large frame that contained a side-by-side face portrait of them, highlighting a striking resemblance. Oh, also, the glistening picture was supposedly made up of 100,000 stones. When Diddy saw it, he shouted out from across the table, “That’s me and you baby boy!”


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