Chynna Lives On With Posthumous Kirk Knight-Produced “Burnout”


One year ago to this day, rapper Chynna Rogers passed away at the age of 25. She was widely mourned by her family, friends, and fans, including many from the hip-hop community. Now, the late artist’s memory lives on with a new posthumous single “burnout,” produced by Pro Era’s Kirk Knight. 

Sonically, Knight’s production is hazy in nature, a blend of uptempo trap drums and atmospheric synthesizers. Chynna gives herself space to set the tone, letting the beat build before sliding in with some vocals. Opting to keep things restrained, Chynna’s charisma is on display as she manoeuvers over Knight’s soundscape. Lulling listeners into a false sense of security with the first half’s laid-back delivery, the second half finds her speeding things up. “700 ni**as getting in, it’s a turnout,” she spits. “Every other ni**a couldn’t win, better learn how.”

Be sure to check out Chynna’s posthumous single “Burnout,” her first release since “Stupkid,” now. Rest in peace, Chynna. 


700 ni**as getting in, it’s a turnout
Every other ni**a couldn’t win, better learn how
Only giving passage to my friends and my birds now