Ciara Jumps On The Remix Of Blanco Brown’s Country Tune “The Git Up”


Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” may have rose to popularity the same way Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” did (thanks to viral shares and clicks) but it hasn’t hit the same way. While the song is an easy listening tune if you’re one for country-esque tracks, Blanco made a smart move by enlisting none other than Ciara to add an added flare with a catchy verse. 

The new rendition of the song has arrived just today and hears Cici doing her thing, becoming the perfect added feature.

“When I wrote and recorded ‘The Git Up,’ there was just this energy around it that made all of us so happy. It’s so exciting to see that energy connecting organically with people around the world,” Blanco first said of his song. “Young and old. Female or male. Black, brown or white. It seems to be bringing a smile to everyone’s face, and that is a big part of what I believe is driving this virally.”

Stream and let us know what you think. 

Quotale Lyrics 

Let me see you two step, then one, two, step
Do the cowgirl boogie, both your hands like this
Take it to the floor with a whole lotta drip
Now show off your moves in your new outfit
Get low (Get low), get low (Get low)


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