City Girls Chat With Megan Thee Stallion About Rough Upbringing In Miami


There has been an increasing number of women entering the Rap game in recent years and Interview Magazine wanted to highlight the “dominance” that has been taking place. The publication allowed Megan Thee Stallion to interview the City Girls as all of the ladies spoke about their upbringings, differences, and roads to success in the music industry.

As the City Girls were just taking off, JT was dealt a blow when she was carted off to prison. The rapper recalled how quickly everything happened and while she was inside, Yung Miami was doing her best to hold things down. “JT went to jail and I used to have to beg the DJs to play our song,” recalled Yung Miami. “She’d be like, ‘B*tch, I’m in jail. I’m not thinking about no f*cking music.'”

The City Girls also spoke about how their upbringing influenced their style of music. “The struggle, the fast life, the stealing. Growing up around my mom and auntie, they were always talking to men for money,” said JT. “I’ve never seen my mom in a real relationship… That’s what I grew up around, that type of life, the stealing and hustling. That’s where the influence comes from in the music, besides growing up in the Slip-N-Slide Records era, when we had the raunchy music with Trick Daddy and Trina. That’s all we really know.”

Yung Miami agreed and added that she comes from a similar background. “The stuff that I saw growing up were shootings,” she said. “My momma used to steal. My daddy was selling drugs. My mom used to sell clothes for us to get by. She’d just steal clothes and sell them. That was basically my upbringing, just growing up in the struggle.”

It seems that City Girls Summer and Hot Girl Summer are still on track even though all three ladies have significant others. Yet, JT admits that she’s not as much of a wild child as her groupmate. “I feel like Caresha has more of the City Girls side to her, the whole aura of it,” said JT. “She’s a party girl. She’s lit. She’s going to be shaking her ass and I’m probably going to be standing there mad about something.”

“That’s what’s good about being in a group, because if it was just me by myself, everybody would just be like, ‘Damn, I hate them because them bitches is boring,'” she added.