City Girls’ JT Denies Cocaine Allegations: “I Hate Drugs I Don’t Even Smoke Weed”


Fans of Florida duo City Girls were waiting on pins and needles for JT’s release from prison. Her music partner and best friend Yung Miami held things down during JT’s bid as she performed, traveled, and recorded until she and JT were reunited. Back in October, JT was set free and placed in a halfway house under strict conditions including rules regarding no drug use. However, people recently accused the rapper of snorting cocaine on Instagram Live, and JT has reportedly responded to the allegations by shutting down the rumors.

Recently, JT and Yung Miami were on Instagram Live together in a split-screen. For a brief moment, JT moves out of the frame and the ladies stop talking, but a strange noise that viewers claimed sounded like she was snorting drugs can be heard. JT addressed the accusations on Twitter by retweeting the clip of the video in question.

“Yeah I’m gone go on live & do drugs when I get drug test faithfully in the halfway house,” she wrote. “That sound effect is on point thou.” She added, “B*tch I be choking off hookah y’all gone stop playing with me I’m team D.A.R.E. over here tf. My mother was an addict I hate drugs I don’t even smoke weed. I get upset about it too drugs ruined my child hood! ….y’all trolls better get TF! I’m not hating on nobody hustle but just because it’s on a blog don’t mean it’s true. People have to feed they family but some sh*t got to stop!”

She ended things with: “Now back to me because social media ain’t the place for the life stories but just know I’m drug free & plan on being for the rest of my life!” Check out the video and JT’s tweets below.


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