City Girls’ JT Reclaims Verified Twitter Account: “You Can’t Cancel Nobody”


In case you missed it, Jatavia “JT” Johnson of City Girls deleted her verified Twitter account last weekend, in a likely attempt to avoid backlash after some of her older, highly questionable tweets resurfaced online. Unfortunately for the rapper, her tweets made their rounds regardless, because as you may already know, once you put something online, it’s there forever. JT found that out the hard way.

After deleting her account, she took to her Instagram story to explain her decision and unveil her new Twitter account. “Nah all jokes aside stop searching them tweets cause I don’t feel like slapping a b*tch back into the same year I was talking about them in!,” she wrote. Additionally, she shared a photo of herself holding a large purse, with the caption: “All my old tweets in that purse.”

Image via JT Instagram

Her first tweets on her new account were nearly as controversial as the tweets she was running away from. “This my new Twitter!! Who ima talk about on here? Hmmmmmmmm,” she wrote. “Let me get my sh*t verified so y’all can know I mean it when I say F*CK YALL B*TCHES! I made it new page to tweet problematic again I’m problematic suck out my a** with a Kapri sun straw.” She also made sure to apologize if her previously rediscovered tweets offended anyone.

After just one day, it looks like JT had a change of heart, because she has returned to her original Twitter account, presumably abandoning her new one. Upon reclaiming her verified account on December 8, she tweeted: “Y’all kill me acting like Twitter was always woke,” adding “If your account say since 2018 you don’t make the rules of Twitter [and] you can’t cancel nobody. You just got here you are in orientation!”

“I been on here since 2011 If y’all wanna read my tweets from when I was mad getting off work that’s on y’all,” she continued in a separate tweet.