City Girls’ Rapper JT Denies Getting Plastic Surgery


There comes a certain point in a female entertainer’s career that they’re inevitably faced with incessant rumors that they’ve gotten plastic surgery. The disturbing circle repeats itself every time a woman blows up as haters endlessly comment on their appearance and changes in their look. Last week, we saw Khloe Kardashian face a string of scrutiny after an unedited picture of her in a bikini started circulating on the internet. The Kardashians spent the next few days targeting anybody that had posted the photo, allegedly threatening some with lawsuits as people clamored on-and-on about Khloe’s looks.

While the Kardashians have been a regular target of this sort of treatment, JT of the City Girls is often finding herself on the receiving end of rumors of this nature. When fans caught onto one of her mugshots from her teenage years, people began comparing the rapper’s facial features, coming to the conclusion that she had likely gotten a nose job and other work done. It didn’t take long for JT to fight back against the critics though, sharing a side-by-side picture of herself from a few years ago with one from today, proving that her face really hasn’t changed much.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

“I never had any surgery,” denied JT. “Please leave my chubby puberty acne mug shots alone. I was a young lost teenager in Florida sun with bad skin! Now I’m grown paid & polished… get over it.”

It’s the “grown, paid, and polished” for me… That’s the most reasonable explanation that JT could have given. Hopefully, people can stop talking about apparent changes in her look now. Check out her response below.