CJ McCollum Hits Trevor Ariza Where The Sun Don’t Shine: Watch


Men are very protective of their private areas. That’s why in contact sports like football, hockey, and Mixed Martial Arts, they wear protective cups to make sure nothing can hurt them. In basketball, these cups aren’t an option which leads to some painful, yet somewhat funny results. The latest example of this incidental hilarity occurred last night during the game between the Sacramento Kings and Portland Trail Blazers.

In the clip below, you can see Portland’s CJ McCollum driving to the basket with the ball while Trevor Ariza of the Kings follows suit. As McCollum dribbles with his right hand, he swings his left arm back and accidentally hits Ariza in the groin with his elbow. Ariza immediately went down in pain but was eventually able to get up after the initial shock.

It’s never fun to be hit there and Ariza ultimately took it like a champ although we’re not envious of the position he was in. As for McCollum, we imagine he was remorseful for what happened. Men know the code when it comes to this type of thing. Only the weak would purposely aim for such an area and as a professional athlete, McCollum should know better, or at least, we assume.

Hopefully, Ariza isn’t in too much pain this morning and can go back to business as usual.

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